Who would've thought a mistaken phone call would lead to this?

Again, the power of social media - none of us would've known about this without Facebook.

Imagine answering your phone from a local number and having the person on the other end of the line asking about a Christmas tree...and then asking about your kids. That's exactly what happened to John in Clio earlier this week.

So as the conversation goes on and still thinking it’s a fake call she says “Yeah I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get a Christmas tree this year.” I’m like oh yeah? You need money or what? “Oh no I’ve got money, but with being blind you know I can’t get out and get one. So how are the kids doing?” ...

Okay so now I’m like wait ... and tell her she’s got the wrong number. She begins apologizing and saying she’s so sorry to have bothered me and she can’t believe she’s done this. I tell her wait hold up. You really need a Christmas tree? She said I do, but it’s okay I’ll be fine.

So, with a little help from some friends, John was able to secure a tree courtesy of Windy Hill Christmas Tree Farm and deliver it to the woman, who used to be a teacher in Flint and Flushing.

Meet Ann, a 41 year teacher of education in the Flint and Flushing community. Today Nick and I had the privilege of meeting her in person and delivering the 4 1/2 foot Christmas tree she wanted. Big thanks to Ron at Windy Hill Christmas tree farm for giving her a tree at no charge!

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