Dave Chappelle made good on his promise to come to Flint, and then surprised the crowd by donating $50,000 to help with the Flint Water Crisis.

Chappelle announced his performance at the Whiting about a week before the actual show, but tickets still sold out in a matter of hours.  This was his chance to make good on a promise to come to Flint and support our city through the Flint Water Crisis.

Chappelle definitely did not disappoint on stage, but he had one more surprise for the audience.  He announced that he would be donating the money from the show, a total of $50,000, back to help the Flint Water Crisis.  The money will help support the Flint Kids Fund.  He also gave everyone in the crowd a bottle of water with his logo on it.

Twitter blew up with praise after Dave made the announcement (after people were allowed to pick up their phones again that is.)


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