Deontay Wilder speaks on the new bout between Floyd Mayweather and the undefeated Japanese kick boxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

A head of his fight with Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder sits down with TMZ to explain how fighting this newcomer in a potential kickboxing or MMA bout is a terrible idea for Floyd.

I would have to absolutely agree with Deontay if it was actually gonna be a kickboxing bout. Let's be honest with ourselves here people. The rules will 100% be in favor of Floyd. There's no way that he will allow this 27-0 kick-boxer outta Japan to throw a single kick in his direction. Floyd is here for a paycheck. Hint the nickname Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

So with Floyd being the biggest name in combat sports he has transcended boxing. Floyd's new hobby is to just hunt down and beat popular fighters, but by implementing his own rules. Say what you will about Floyd, but he's brilliant when it comes to setting up a fight in his favor. And let's not forget, both fighters have to agree to fight. No one is forcing Tenshin to compete. So if the rules fall under boxing (which it will) Tenshin will fight voluntarily. Not smart...

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