Kris Humphries is currently in the midst of suing estranged wife Kim Kardashian, claiming their marriage was fraudulent so he can get an annulment rather than a divorce -- which would nullify the non-disclosure agreement he signed before they tied the knot.

Unfortunately for him, a deposition may have revealed that he was in on the fraud all along, re-shooting a scene of him proposing to Kim for 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.' But those same legal docs reveal Kim might have also faked a lot of scenes on her own that made Humphries look bad.

In paperwork obtained by Life & Style (as reported by TMZ), a producer reports that Kim didn't like her "face" during her reaction to Kris' proposal, so they re-shot the whole thing.

If you ever had doubts about reality television, just remember that reality isn't good enough.

According to Radar Online, Kim was the one who demanded the re-shoot -- and that she was faking surprise about the proposal the entire time.

This puts a nail in the coffin of Humphries' cries of fraud, billing him as a willing participant in the whole thing. (Maybe this is why that lawyer of his bailed.)

Scenes were also allegedly shot in which Kim tells her mother Kris Jenner that she's having marital problems after the couple had already split.

Another scene was also edited to make it look like Kris was having a party in his and Kim's hotel room while she was out of town (which would, of course, make him look like a cad), yet Kim was in the room the entire time.

“They set Kris up to look like a jerk. Anyone who loves someone would not team up with their production team to make them look like a fool on TV," a source confided for the right sum. "It’s obvious they were trying to tarnish his reputation. This will prove how fake Kim and the show are."

In other news, touching scalding hot things kinda burns.