It's kind of ironic that a fire truck that was on an emergency call crashed into a gas station pump that ultimately caused a fire.

The incident happened Wednesday evening after the fire truck blasted a Lincoln Navigator while driving through an intersection on the city's east side. The fire truck first plowed into the SUV, then into a work van and a gas pump. As soon as the truck collided with the van and the gas pump, a fire erupted. Luckily the men in the work van jumped out immediately and ran away. I'm sure they were thinking that place was going to blow up.

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The Detroit Fire Department was responding to an incident on I-75 but obviously didn't make it. The SUV that was struck by the fire truck ended up smashing into a light pole.

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Luckily no one was seriously injured even though seven people including three firefighters were taken to a local hospital but only suffered minor injuries.

It's not clear who was at fault but according to Fox 2, a witness said the Lincoln Navigator had the green light.

It's amazing that the fire didn't spread worse and get out of control. Then again firefighters were already on the scene as they were the cause of it.

The accident was caught on the gas station security cameras.

The incident is still under investigation.

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