The City of Detroit is being slapped with a lawsuit by a Livonia man who was punched by Detroit Police officers in the MGM Grand Detroit Casino.

Patrick Poisson is the man being punched in the video after an incident where he allegedly touched a waitress inappropriately on July 30.

After Poisson refused to leave, casino officials called for the help from the Detroit Police officers on scene.  It was during the walk out of the casino that the punches were thrown.

Poisson and his lawyer are taking the city of Detroit to Federal Court, claiming that the video shows that the police attacked him with no reason.

After watching the video myself, it looks like he may have a good chance at winning.  While there is no sound, you can clearly see that the officer punches Poisson twice with no retaliation.

Then on the ground he punches him twice more, breaking his ribs.  This will be an interesting case to follow considering there are more serious talks about  Flint getting its own casino.

Check out the full story at, but make sure you check out the video below.