After weeks of speculation, The Detroit Lions have fired head coach Matt Patricia, and GM Bob Quinn.

The Lions had hoped that 2016 would be the year marked in the history books that the organization would turn things around. They hoped that the "Patriots Way" would be the blueprint for the turnaround in Detroit. The Lions hired Bob Quinn from New England, and two years later added former New England Defensive Coordinator, Matt Patricia as the head coach. The last two years under Patricia have shown that the Patriots Way is not working in Detroit.

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Speaking of the Patriots Way, after seeing what has happened in New England after Tom Brady left, it might have had more to do with Brady than the Patriots.

Lions fans have been calling for an end to the Quinn / Patricia era for a while now, and the reactions have been exactly what you would have expected.

In the four years under the "Boston Boys" leadership, the Lions record was 33-29-1. They also managed to pull off some pretty spectacular feats of losing during that stretch. They set an NFL record of 9 games lost after leading by double digits, and an 11 game losing streak. Basically, it was an ugly UGLY run in Detroit.

Lions owner, Sheila Ford Hamp and Lions President Rod Wood spoke about the firings earlier this afternoon. You can watch the full press conference in the video above, but the short story is that Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell will take over head coaching duties for the rest of the season.

Many disgruntled Lions fans have also been calling for Detroit to get rid of Matt Stafford as well, but there was no talk about that today. Now Detroit has a chance to hit the reset button again, but will it just be the same old Lions? Only time will tell I guess. The good news is that there are plenty of good candidates available right now. The bad news is that the Lions do not have a great track record picking head coaches.

Who are a few names you think should be on top of the potential head coaching list for the Lions?


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