A Detroit mother was found dead two weeks ago and now her daughters are missing.  The family of the missing daughters have been refused an Amber Alert by police. 

Alicia Fox was found dead due to being shot six times.  No one has been able to locate the two daughters, 6-year-old Kaylah Hunter and 8-month-old Kristian Justice.  The family has petitioned the police to issue an Amber Alert but has been denied.

Alicia's husband is in custody of the police after being found in Texas in connection to the murder.

Michigan State Police refused to issue the Amber Alert due to the case not meeting the criteria.  According to Detroit Free Press, the criteria is as follows,

  • The child suffers from a severe mental or physical disability that greatly impairs the child’s ability to care for him/herself.
  •  The child is a victim of stranger or acquaintance kidnapping.
  • The child is in the company of a person who has a confirmed criminal history of child abuse/neglect, sexual assault, domestic assault, a crime involving the victimization of children, or has made statements of intent to harm the missing child, or is suicidal.
  • The child has been abducted by a noncustodial parent whose parental rights have been terminated.

I really hope the family can find closure and finding the two daughters of Alicia Fox.  I don't want to bash the Michigan State Police because that will not do anything to resolve the issue.  The husband of Alicia needs to dealt with and give the police information on finding the children.