A couple of Detroit police officers did an amazing job earlier this week when they arrested a woman during a traffic stop that had kidnapped four children.

It was by sheer luck and their skillfully investigative training that helped a pair of officers from the Eighth Precinct discover the kids had been kidnapped.

How Did The Officers Find The four Children That Had Been Kidnapped?

According to a post on the Eighth Precinct Facebook page, the discovery came during a traffic stop after a car had gone through a red light.

The police officers pulled the car over and the woman behind the wheel told them she was in a hurry to get the children ages 6 to 10, to school. The officers then asked the woman where the children attended school. She couldn't give a solid answer which was an obvious red flag for the officers.

The two police officers then escorted the woman from her car and questioned the oldest child who's 10 years old. They asked the child if they knew the woman, the 10-year-old said "no."

After arresting the woman, it was determined that she had kidnapped the kids while they were on their way to school. It's not clear where they lived or if their parents were even aware of the situation.

I find it kind of strange that four kids between the ages of 6-10 were on their way to school all alone. That really makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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Eighth Precinct Community Facebook Page:

These 2 officers exercised excellent police investigation skills, in doing so they were able to take a kidnapper off the streets, and safeguard the 4 children from any hurt, harm and danger.
Outstanding work to Officers Flannel and Parrish, two of the hard workers in the Eighth Precinct.
This story is absolutely amazing and I hope we get more follow up information in the coming days. It blows me away that story isn't front and center right now.

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