Thanks to U.S. News not one but two Michigan cities are getting some love.

For the most part Michigan is viewed as a state that has a lot of the following things...snow, homicides, and water (of course not always clean water, just ask Flint). The snow of course can't be something that can be changed, and numbers are numbers when it comes to homicide, and of course we all know about the Great Lakes and also the Flint Water Crisis. What can change though is how Michigan is more than just a stage going through tough times, and thanks to U.S. News two cities are shinning bright on the list of the nation's '100 Best Places To Live'

Detroit comes in at #89 on the list. Now those who have actually been to Detroit realize that Detroit (especially the Downtown area) has gone through some amazing changes in the past decade. New improvements and value puts Detroit on the list. Sure, anyone can pull up the numbers and statistics when it comes to homicides in Detroit, but if you've been to Detroit and especially the areas of Corktown, Eastern market, and Downtown, you can clearly see how much improvement has been made in the past 10 years.

The ranking is all determined by value, job market, quality of life, net migration, and desirability.

Also on the list is Grand Rapids which comes in in the top 20 at #19! Of course with the growing brewery industry, being ranked in a previous list as one of the best cities to raise a family in America,  and huge downtown success, its no wonder why GR is near the top of the list.

Want to see the entire list? Click here to check out the top 100 nation's best places to live!


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