The Tigers are close to announcing that former Astros coach, AJ Hinch, will be the new coach in Detroit.

Yes Hinch is the coach that was fired after the Astros sign stealing scandal, and yes this could be a huge mistake. ESPN has been reporting that the Tigers were trying to decide between Hinch and Alex Cora, but it looks like Hinch will be the new manager in Detroit.

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So are the Tigers concerned about the recent controversy around Hinch? Let's leave it at  . . . sort of. Tigers GM Al Avila talked to ESPN about Hinch's history and what it meant for his job prospects.

The cheating scandal is not a good thing, obviously. They're serving their suspensions, and once their suspensions are over, then they'll be free to pursue their careers

Let's just get one thing out there, Hinch was the man responsible for the biggest cheating scandal in baseball since Barry Bonds. Hinch is now the front runner for the head coaching spot in Detroit.


Imagine you are an up and coming manager who has put in all the work necessary to get your first break in the big leagues. You know there will be openings during the offseason, and then you find out that one of the biggest cheaters in recent memory is getting a job before you. We all know how that would feel.

I guess the most positive thing here is that nothing is set in stone yet. No contracts have been signed, and ESPN is even quick to remind readers that Avila is keeping his options open.

I know I sound a little over critical of Hinch here, but one of the things that Detroit has done well is hire managers that are great at their job, and great people. Just run down the list of guys that have lead the bench recently, and you won't find a better group of men.


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