The Tigers surprised everyone yesterday by making a huge trade to get David Price into Detroit.

The Tigers already had a very good starting pitching rotation, but adding Price gives them the last 3 AL Cy Young Award winners, and possibly the best staff in baseball.

There were plenty of trade rumors concerning Price and the Tigers, but it seemed to late to pull off such a big move.  Even Price was surprised as he tweeted about the move.

The biggest surprise about this came to the Tiger players, who were in the middle of a game against the White Sox when it happened.

Austin Jackson, who has been a fan favorite for the Tigers, was called in from center field in the middle of the game!  It was an emotional moment at Comerica Park, as fans gave Jackson a standing ovation, and his teammates each gave him a hug.

Jackson will be finishing the season in Seattle and Drew Smyly will be in Tampa Bay.

Do you think this move will be what the Tigers need to get back to the World Series?