Diddy is working hard on continuing to build his business empires, but he may be cooking something up with our former president. The hip-hop mogul is seen meeting with Barack Obama, where the two appear to be having a deep discussion inside of a living room setting.

It's hard to tell where the meeting is taking place, or exactly what the two are discussing, but being that Diddy is always seeking out new opportunities and ventures to grow his brands and businesses, there's a good chance they could be working on something together. The Bad Boy label head writes about his enthusiasm over the meeting in the photo's caption, referring to Obama as "the king."

"This week was a great week," Puff Daddy writes. "Shout out to the king @barackobama!!! #blackexcellence."

As we've seen over the years, Obama has heavily embraced hip-hop throughout his time in the White House before Donald Trump was inaugurated as the new President. From becoming close companions with Chance The Rapper, to revealing his fandom for Kendrick Lamar and bringing him to the White House, the former leader helped give hip-hop a platform in the White House.

Check out Diddy and Obama sitting down for a meeting in the post from Diddy below.

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