Die Hard sure does die hard, eh? Five movies into the franchise, the series is far from over, with a sixth that’s been in the works for the past few years set to bring back Bruce Willis’ John McClane for a time period-hoping take on the series. Fox has just hired two very promising co-writers to work on another draft of the script: The Conjuring’s Chad and Carey Hayes.

According to The Tracking Board, The Hayses have been hired to rewrite the script of Die Hard: Year One (a riff on Batman: Year One) and, per the Tracking Board: “The film is rumored to be an origin story of sorts, in which we see a younger actor portray McClane as a (relatively) regular cop in 1970s New York. Willis’ grizzled take on the character, who has been through a lot over the course of five films, is expected to bookend the movie, which will toggle back and forth between past and present.” So, sort of like Looper, but without time travel.

Chad and Carey Hayes are really promising choices for this movie. The two have mostly stuck to horror movies, co-writing House of WaxThe ReapingWhiteout, and the new Mackenzie Davis-starrer The Turning, but being good at horror means being good at writing suspense and being able to keep the audience’s attention, two things that are vital to crafting a good action movie.

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