Disney+ first launched in November 12, 2019, which means it’s somehow been two years since we first fell in love with Greedo randomly shouting “Maclunkey!” at Han Solo. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, Disney has dubbed Friday, November 12 “Disney+ Day” and they’re releasing a whole wave of new films, series, and shorts on the service.

Friday is traditionally the day titles gets added to Disney+, but there’s way more new stuff on Disney+ Day than on a typical week. The lineup includes the Disney+ premiere of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, plus a new documentary on the making of the film, Jungle Cruise, a new Pixar short featuring the characters from Luca called “Ciao, Alberto,” a new short from The Simpsons, and the latest sequel to the long-running holiday franchise, Home Alone.

But that’s not the half of it. Here’s everything new to streaming on Maclunkey Disney+ Day:

In addition to all of these titles, Disney is also offering a perk to Disney+ customers at their theme parks on Friday: Subscribers can get into Disneyland and the Walt Disney World theme parks 30 minutes before the general public. If you prefer to celebrate a made-up holiday about a streaming service with a trip to the movie theater, AMCs around the country will be offering four daily surprise screenings of mystery Disney movies this weekend. Tickets are just $5 and come with a free poster a “special concession.” (You can get more information about those screenings here.)

November is a busy month on Disney+ in general. In a couple weeks, we’ll get the two-episode premiere of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series, Hawkeye, along with all three parts of Peter Jackson’s long-awaited Beatles documentary The Beatles: Get Back. Plus: Ernest Saves Christmas! Boy, did we bury the lede there. Sorry about that.

Sign up for Disney+ here.

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