I just stumbled upon the video of the disrespectful boy fighting his mom in the grocery store over eating grapes and not paying for them.  I have to warn you, the video is really disturbing. 

A guy was in a New York Walmart and caught the boy eating grapes without paying for them and decided to inform the mother.  From the look of the video, the mother of two children was embarrassed and wanted to insert some order.  While the parent was trying to stop her son from acting out, they started fighting.

The son of the helpless mother pulled off her wig and good Samaritan stepped in to break up the fight.  The gentlemen who intervened, tried to separate the mother from the son only to be attacked by the mother.  This video is extremely disappointing.

When I was growing up, we respected our parents and adults.  We all know that today is a different day but this should have never happened.  I do not know who to blame but this is hurtful.