"You just gotta wait for the drop, bro. It's all about the drop. Here it comes bro! Here it comes! Here it....what the hell, bro?!

After visiting Electric Forest a couple weeks ago I've realized that there is this thing known as "The Drop". "The Drop" is when the DJ builds the audience up and then "drops" the "club banga" bass and dubstep for everyone to lose their mind to. Most of the time The Drop" is just a bunch of "pew pew pew" and "womp womp womp" along with "EVERYBODY LOSE YOUR MIND" or some sort of simple phrase to make the audience go bonkers. This time though it was all about trolling a couple hundred kids, and it's priceless. If I was in this crowd I would of been so happy to hear actual music, I would of probably cried happy tears. The look on the crowds face is pure joy.