The Kansas City Chiefs completed their comeback win in the Super Bowl and President Trump congratulated the state of Kansas.

Yes you read that correctly, he tweeted out congrats to the entire state of Kansas. The only problem is that Kansas City is in Missouri. He quickly tried to adjust his mistake and edit the tweet, but the damage had been done.

I mean, it's a simple mistake right? Kansas City seems like it would be in Kansas . . . and there probably is a Kansas City in Kansas, just not the one that was playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

There were plenty of responses to his error.

My question to you is, do you even care?

If there's one thing that Trump has made quite clear, it's that he's not to concerned with the details.

Common sense says that the person in charge of the United States should probably know these things. Even if the president doesn't know these things, he should have someone standing next to him to point out his mistakes before he hits send.

It's obvious that people should care, and that Trump should be called out for it . . . my question is more rhetorical than anything.

I just start to wonder if he's doing it on purpose just to keep people talking about him. He obviously doesn't want to be wrong, or else he never would have corrected the tweet.

Is it possible that he makes these "mistakes" on purpose to stay at the top of your news feed? The old, "Any publicity is good publicity" model?

Finally for anyone that wants to try and bring up another president or something to deflect this, please don't. Trump tweeted to the nation that the Super Bowl champions were from a different state than they actually are . . . end of story.

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