A dog is a man's best friend couldn't be any more true for a Michigan man who broke his neck and was saved by his pet.

New Year's Eve is a night that usually calls for a celebration of what you have accomplished and what you have to look forward to with the year to come, but for a Northern Michigan man the holiday will always be a reminder for how his dog saved his life.

A Northern Michigan man was watching TV on New Year's Eve night when he decided to go outside and grab a log for his fireplace. When Bob stepped outside he slipped and fell, breaking his neck.

Screaming in pain for help Bob knew he was in trouble considering the closest neighbor was a quarter of a mile away. His best friend did hear him though.

Bob's golden retriever Kelsey started barking for help. He didn't bark for a couple seconds or minutes, but for 20 hours. Bob was still laying outside and struggling to keep warm, so Kelsey laid on top of him and licked him to keep him awake.

Bob eventually lost consciousness, but his best friend Kelsey never stopped barking for help.

On New Year's Day around 6:30pm his neighbor finally found Bob laying outside of his Northern Michigan home. Bob was taken to McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey where doctors performed surgery. Bob suffered from hypothermia, and also had a herniated disc in his neck and back.

Doctor's say that although he has some intense physical therapy ahead of him he is on the road to recovery.




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