'Chicken Nugget Day' sounds like it would be a good day for just about anyone, but it was especially nice for these dogs at a Michigan animal shelter.

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A viral video posted to TikTok by the Michigan Animal Rescue League shows the pups chowing down on the chicken nuggets - and has been viewed and loved by animal lovers all over.

It's Bittersweet

Although the video below is adorable, it's not lost on people that the fate of these shelter dogs is unknown.

"Simultaneously the sweetest yet most heartbreaking vid," one commenter noted.

But the Michigan Animal Rescue League was quick to point out that the animals are all being treated well, saying, "They're all living the good life here." Tommy Sanfilippo is the Animal Care Technician for the organization. He tells Newsweek that the shelter frequently dotes on the animals.

 "We do enrichment at least once a day for all the dogs. Sometimes it's frozen wet food, and sometimes it's treat bags, puzzles, snuffle mats, or lick pads," he says. "One of our staff members picked up some chicken nuggets while on their lunch break that day. We would normally put them into kongs, but the dogs had already had kongs that morning, so we passed them out as an extra little treat."

In order to put faces with the names, the pooches you'll see enjoying the chicken nuggets are Betsy, Teslo, Chewbacca, Daisy, Frisbee, Pippa, Hershey, Buzz, and Spots.

Animals in Need of Adoption

The shelter shared the video in the hopes of bringing awareness to the public that they currently have over 200 animals that need to be adopted and care for more than 1,500 animals each year.


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