Donald Sterling can now be labeled as the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers after his sell to his estranged wife Shelly Sterling.  Do not celebrate just yet.

After an audio recording of Donald Sterling racial rant went public, he has been under pressure to leave the NBA and sell his ownership of the Clippers.  He's tried to clean up his public act by doing interviews which has placed him even lower in the public eye.  Now, we are closer to the end of his era.

Shelly and her attorney's have been secretly meeting on how to go about selling the team.  The estranged wife wants to get rid of the team voluntarily and on her terms.  Until we find out what those terms are, we'll be happy with the last move.

I hope selling the team to Shelly will quickly get the ball rolling to selling the team to Magic Johnson.  Are you pleased with the latest Sterling news?