Mike Williams has spent the last 19 years building the Beecher basketball program into a dynasty, but now he is leaving to coach at Davison.

Coach Williams has turned Beecher Basketball into a powerhouse over nearly 20 years. They've won an unprecedented six state championships under Williams, including winning the 2021 title. It was the journey through this challenging season that Williams points to when talking about his decision to move to Davison basketball. Williams will become the new Davison Basketball coach, along with the Dean of Students.

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Williams talked to DTV about the move and pointed to the difficult year that he and his family just went through as a major factor in the decision.

This is not a reflection on Beecher, this has everything to do with my family and seeking peace after the loss of my father. It’s all about family

Williams has an unmatched resume as a coach, and will be missed by everyone in the Beecher community. After teaching at Northwestern for nearly 18 years, Williams started his historic run at Beecher. The list of accomplishments during his time at Beecher includes:

  • 6 State Championships
  • 13 Regional Championships
  • 12 Conference Championships
  • Countless positive impacts on the lives of his players

If you are lucky enough to know coach Williams personally, then you know that he is as genuine of a person as there is. The one thing that outshines his accomplishments as a coach, is his dedication to the people around him. Beecher will miss their coach, but his legacy will forever be honored in BucTown.

There's one more video that I think you should watch of Coach Williams. This was shortly after Beecher won the 2021 State Championship, and Williams talks about how this season has been special for him and his family.

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