Dow Chemical announced today that it would be moving a facility from North Carolina, to Midland, bringing new jobs with it.

Dow already has their world headquarters in Midland, but with the merging of the branches of the company, they are looking to make the transition easier.  The facility that will be relocating to Midland is currently located in Greensboro, NC.

Dow has also announced that they are hiring new positions in addition to the staffing of the new plant.  In a press release they said,

Dow is hiring 80 chemical process operators and 60 logistics technicians at the Michigan Operations site. All the positions are full-time and offer benefits.

You can find out more about the jobs available, and apply for them here.

There have been mixed feelings about the moves that Dow has made recently, but you can bet that nobody in Mid Michigan will be complaining about this announcement.

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