For those who grew up in the area, seeing the final demolition process start on the old Laurie's and Timothy's Children's Wear in downtown Grand Blanc is kind of tough.

We told you back in May that the popular children's clothing store that has been serving generations was moving from the location in downtown Grand Blanc for 58 years. The business wasn't closing its doors, but just moving to a new location.

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Sitting on S. Saginaw Street next to the iconic Hot Dog Stand, the store two buildings had become a bit of a local landmark. Laurie's and Timothy's included the original building, the little house locals often called it, and then the additional building in the back that was focused on old kids' fashion.

Years back the original building was torn down, and now the last building will face demolition to make way for a new business. According to multiple reports, McAlister’s Deli is set to be built on two parcels where Laurie’s and Timothy’s once stood. As of this article, there were no signs or postings indicating that McAlister's would be opening on the site, but you know small towns, word gets around.

As for the much-loved children's store, they've settled into a new location at the corner of E. Grand Blanc Road and Dort Hwy, in the Sweetwater Grill plaza. The business has started fresh at the new location by going back to its roots by changing the name to the original Laurie's Children's Wear.

There's no official word on when the new construction will begin.

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