Eric Thomas is back with another mixtape for you to download entitled, ‘Greatness Is Upon You.’  Thomas is one of the most energetic and dynamic motivational speakers of our time and he is gearing up for the release of his sophomore book.

Known as ET The Hip Hop Preacher, Eric has been captivating audiences through his YouTube channel for several years after a video of him speaking to students went viral.  Eric told the story of the guru who explained to the eager student that "…when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you’ll be successful.’

Since going viral, ET has been invited to speak for major sports organizations, overseas in  places like Australia, and even schools to help students reach their academic success.  ET has even spoke here in Flint several times and the audiences have all walked away ready to tackle their goals.  We’re anticipating his return to Flint.

The new mixtape features 23 tracks that are excerpts from his speaking engagements that will assist you in laying hold to the greatness that is upon you.  The messages are accompanied by music that will enhance the inspirational presentation.

ET The Hip Hop Preacher’s first book ‘Secret To Success’ is still available for purchase and served as an autobiography detailing his rise from lack.  Now, ‘Greatness Is Upon You’ is more a book that will give application to practical principles on achieving greatness.  ETInspires is currently taking pre-orders for his second book with the option of an autograph copy.