So much fighting has gone on over Beats By Dre headphones is become ridicules. Monster LLC is suing Beats By Dre over being allegedly swindled out of millions of dollars. Let's see how this will pan out. 

According to Nerd-News, Monster's CEO Noel Lee says Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine hoodwink him out of potentially $100 million. To make the sense of the lawsuit briefly, Lee sold his share of the company to HTC. Dre and Iovine sold as well but bought their ownership back from HTC to later sell to Apple.

Lee was told after the HTC deal that Beats by Dre would not be sold anytime soon. Well that didn't happen as planned. Apple acquired the ownership over the flagship headphones. Lee feels he was defrauded to sell his share of the company under false pretenses.

I don't know how much merit we should give to this lawsuit but it is interesting. So many issues have swirled this famous headphones that news like this can be exhausting. I do not own a pair of the headphones and probably will not anytime soon.  What are your thoughts on this lawsuit?