Drake celebrates his beloved Raptors historic 2019 NBA Finals win by dropping two dope new tracks in his two-song collection The Best in the World Pack.

After popping bottles in Oakland Thursday night (June 13), Drizzy comes through with two new songs "Omertá" and "Money in the Grave" featuring Rick Ross.

On "Omertá," Drizzy unloads a wave of arrogance as he puts down any notion that people are on his level. He also appears to address Pusha-T, who famously dissed Drizzy and announced the existence of the rapper's son last summer with "The Story of Adidon."

"Last year, niggas really feel like they rode on me/Last year, niggas got hot 'cause they told on me," Drizzy spits on the track, which also includes bars where he compares himself to Michael Jackson.

It's been years since Drake and Rick Ross last linked up for a banger. It's been a while since they linked, but fans already know their unforgettable collaborations like "Made Men" in 2011, DJ Khaled's "I'm on One" along with Lil Wayne and "Aston Martin Music" in 2010. For "Money in the Grave, " Drizzy and Rozay talk that talk in a way only they can. Naturally, the 6ix God starts things off.

"I mean, where the fuck should I really even start?/I got hoes that I'm keeping in the dark/I got my niggas 'cross the street living large/Thinking back to the fact that they dead/Thought my raps wasn't facts 'til they sat with the bars/I got two phones, one need a charge," Drizzy spits on the track.

For his part, Rozay unleashes some bars about his lavish lifestyle and its intersection with the streets. "Couple figures, killers call and collect (Collect)/She fuck a nigga, then she on to the next (Next)/Really living large, she in awe with a mack/When you niggas thinking small, in the mall with a rat (Rat)," Rozay raps.

Drizzy's brand new Championship pack comes just days after Chris Brown dropped off his song "No Guidance." The banger off Brown's Indigo album is the first official single the former enemies have dropped with just themselves.

While the two new songs are welcome, they'll only serve to make fans want the 6ix God's next album. Once he does actually release one, fans can look forward to seeing what should be another set of Drake tour dates in the future. Should be dope.

Check out the two new songs for yourself below.

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