Now that Tory Lanez and Drake have officially patched up their differences as of last year, they're able to crack jokes with each other like good friends.

The "Luv" vocalist went to Instagram to share a video featuring comedian Shiggy. The reposted visual features a Tory Lanez imposter that exhibits extremely similar features to the hitmaker. While he calls out Shiggy and his crew for feeding into the imposter's act by singing his original hook on Meek Mill's "Litty," Tory also laughs it off by cracking jokes with Drizzy in the comment section.

"YOO this fame shit getting too crazy," Tory writes. "@theshiggyshow These 2 niggas was acting like they was me and @writtenbyray the whole weekend 😂😂 it’s 2018 ... NIGGAS HAVE TO CHILL."

Once the More Life rapper comes across the post, he adds some hilarious commentary to the situation in the comments section.

"I'm done, "he types. "He even had the "I get this all the time" swag on 100."

Tory Lanez follows up Drake's comment by cosigning the imposter's hand movements as being similar to his own, proving even more that he passes as a spitting image of the singer.

"Lmaoo the nigg#a lowkey knew the hand movements .. like how sway?!?" Tory responds.

While we're sure fans are happy to see Drake and Tory on friendly terms on social media, we're sure that many are hoping to actually get new music from the two and hear them collaborate.

See the video of the Tory Lanez imposter below.

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