Drakeo The Ruler has been feeling himself since returning to the rap game after being released from jail last month. One of his recent boasts has appeared to rub Soulja Boy the wrong way.

On Dec. 18, Drakeo announced his upcoming mixtape, The Truth Hurts, by sharing a snippet of an upcoming collab with Drake. Drakeo later bragged about the acquisition on Twitter. "WHEN THE NIGGA YOU HATE GET OUT OF JAIL AFTER A MONTH AND GET A @Drake FEATURE YEAH #THETRUTHHURTS COMING SOON," he tweeted.

On Saturday (Dec. 19), DTR hopped on his Instagram Story to let his fans know that he is the only Drakeo. "There is only one Drakeo and that's me," he posted. "There is no Big Draco or none of that shit niggas is talking 'bout!!" The claim could be seen as a diss toward Soulja Boy, who has gone by the alias Big Draco for a few years, and apparently it was.

DrakeoTheRuler via Instagram
DrakeoTheRuler via Instagram

Big Draco is a nickname widely recognized to belong to Soulja Boy throughout his career. Despite not calling out Drakeo directly by name, SB appeared to address the apparent slight during an epic Instagram Live rant.

"Anything you rap niggas done did, I already did it, nigga," Soulja screamed in the video. "Signing a record deal, I been did it. Fucking these groupie ass hoes, I been did it. Doing songs with these rap niggas, I been did it. Y'all niggas late, y'all niggas catching up. Going viral on the internet, I been did it. I don't need no songs with none of you pussy-ass niggas."

"You think you doing something, nigga? Boy, you ain't doing shit, boy," he continued. "Big Draco, nigga. The biggest Draco. Stop playing with me. Lame ass nigga. You will never be on my level."

Soulja refused to calm down during the lengthy rant, at one point asking for a location to be dropped. "Big Draco, nigga," Soulja ranted on. "Stop playing on my name. Niggas ain't even worth a [million]."

Drakeo, who released his latest album, We Know the Truth, in December, has yet to respond to Soulja's rant.

See Soulja's full rant below.

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