There's nothing more annoying than someone driving slow in the left lane, and now the Michigan State Police are out to educate everyone that it's also illegal.

The new initiative by the MSP is called "Operation Southpaw," and the focus is to educate drivers about the proper usage of the left hand lane.

The law has been on the books for years, but now it will be enforced by Michigan State Police.  In a press release, an officer with the MSP explained why.

The left lane is reserved for the passing motorist.  Driving slow in the left lane is disruptive to traffic flow and can be dangerous, as frustrated motorists attempt risky moves to get around the offending driver.

The focus on left lane squatting will run now through the end of April, but Police will continue to enforce the law all year.  It sounds like there won't be many tickets handed out at first, rather the police will use any stops as a way to educate the driver.

Hopefully people are ready to get a heavier right foot in Michigan's left lanes from now on.  You can read the actual law from the Michigan Legislature here.

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