Eastern Michigan played great in the 2019 Quick Lane Bowl, but things got out of hand in the final seconds of the game.

EMU never trailed in the game, until Pitt scored the go ahead touchdown with less than a minute left in the game. EMU had to find a way to score with the clock winding down when things got ugly. After an incomplete pass on third down, EMU quarterback Mike Glass got into it with a Pitt player.

Glass threw a punch that got flagged, then as he was punching another player, he accidentally hit the ref trying to separate the two players. That's frowned upon by refs . . . and Glass was ejected with only ten seconds left in the game.

The worst part is that Glass had been playing a very good game, and the game itself was a great one for fans to watch. Now instead of focusing on the great game both teams played, this altercation at the end of the game will be the only thing people talk about.

Glass was completely in the wrong and deserved to be thrown out of the game. I don't want there to be any confusion about that. It just stinks that a great game will be remembered for that.

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