Elon Musk has committed his help to make sure that Flint finally puts the Flint Water Crisis in the past.

There are no solid details about a plan yet, which shouldn't be a surprise considering this whole thing started as a jab on Twitter. Musk was trying to help the soccer team that was stuck in the cave when he was tweeted at about Flint. His response is what started the media storm.

Musk is coming in on the back end of the water crisis but his help is definitely welcome. Twitter went nuts after his initial tweet, and everyone wanted to know what the plan was. His answer was fairly obvious . . . there is no plan yet.

So starting today at some point, Flint residents will be flooding the email inbox of flint@x.com.

Musk also admitted that while the problem was mostly fixed, there was still a lot of work to be done.

This should be considered "shots fired" from Musk to the big Michigan automakers. GM has a history in Flint as long as Flint itself. Musk definitely has that in the back of his mind as he looks to grow the Tesla brand even more.

There will definitely be more details about Musks plan coming this week, and we'll keep you updated on what is really going to happen.

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