Eminem is clearly a fan of Chris D'Elia's comical impressions of him. After the comedian's new Em impersonation went viral last year, the Real Slim Shady hit up Twitter last night (Feb. 5) to share a brand new video featuring another freestyle from D'Elia's in his best Em voice to let his fans know how he really feels about the sketch.

"This is INCREDIBLE!!! 4 a second I actually thought it WAS me!! @chrisdelia," Eminem tweeted.

In the video uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 30, D'Elia rocks a black hoodie and black sweatpants as he unloads another original freestyle inside his garage. The comedian keeps up Em's signature cadence as he spits random bars mentioning other famous names like Nick Cannon as his small dog watches him in confusion.

"While I'm loungin' on Pinterest fuckin your mistress/ I'm playing hand tricks with Danika Patrick," D'Elia raps in between breaths. "I'm sayin that's it/ Nick Cannon's fantastic."

Like we mentioned up top, D'Elia first made waves last September when his impression of the Shady Records CEO went viral. Like his latest video, some bars are indecipherable as he creates new words in order to keep up the rhymes. D'Elia has amassed millions of views across social media after uploading a video of himself mimicking Em's rapping style.

Watch Chris D'Elia's new impression of Eminem below.

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