President Trump will deliver the 2019 State of the Union address tonight, and that means you could be missing your favorite show.

All four major networks will be carrying the Presidents speech, along with five cable networks. It goes without saying that the speech will preempt any regularly scheduled programming, and that's where some people start to get angry.

Obviously you should probably be excited to watch the speech. President Trump will be addressing the year passed, and look forward to the upcoming year. He'll give America a glimpse into the agenda for our country in 2019. If you don't want to sit and watch the entire speech, here are a few of the talking points I'm guessing we will here.

  • Fake News
  • The Wall
  • Migrant Caravans
  • Democrats
  • The Economy

There will be many other very important issues that President Trump will cover in the speech, and if we're lucky maybe he'll even throw in a 'Crooked Hilary' reference for old times sake!

If you are worried about the shows you'll be missing, I've put together a list. Based on last years State of the Union, and the average speech time for Trump, tonight's speech should be about 90 minutes. With the political analysis and Democratic response, that means no prime time TV passed 9pm. Here is what you're going to miss tonight.


  • Blackish
  • Splitting Up Together
  • The Rookie


  • FBI
  • NCIS New Orleans


  • This Is Us
  • New Amsterdam


  • The Gifted

So I guess you'll have to make a choice. Find some way to avoid the State of the Union and find your show, or act like a real American and watch the entire thing . . . all of it.


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