Looks like everyday Directioners aren't the only fans peeved about Haylor. Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, is pretty irked at the coupling -- and she took to Twitter to voice her outrage at Taylor Swift dating One Direction's Harry Styles.

After photos of the pair holding hands surfaced, the stunning Mathers posted, "if @taylorswift13 is really dating the love of my life @Harry_Styles i will not be happy.!" Welp, guess what? She's not happy.

She added, "Dear @taylorswift13, please stop whoring around with every guy you see. We all know you're only doing it so you can make another album." One final jab? "I, am never, ever, everrrrr, listening to your music againnnn @taylorswift13. LIKE EVER."

Mathers isn't the only person devastated by the news of the coupling. Most Directioners are displeased with Haylor's existence. MTV compiled a slew of down-in-the-dumps 1D fan reactions to the coupling, and ONTD found one particular gem that shows a pattern in Swift's dating choices (hint: they seem calculated).

The common thread amongst Haylor haters? They all want Hazza to themselves -- and they're going to be very, very mad if Swift ever writes a mean song about him. Like, ever.

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