According to producer S1, Eminem has been in the studio working on a lot of new music recently.

Does this mean a new Eminem album is on the way? S1 wouldn't go that far, but he did at least confirm that Em is in the studio. He did an interview with HipHop N More recently, when he talked about the time that Em is spending behind the mic lately.

They’re always real quiet and real secretive, but I just know he’s been cutting a lot of records so we’ll see what happens with that

So now that the question of IF Em is working on new music is answered, the one question that remains is should he?

Eminem released Kamikaze in 2018 to mixed reviews, and has basically been involved in beefs since then. The problem is that none of his diss tracks have even garnered a big buzz.

Eminem will always be considered one of the greatest in Hip Hop, but do you think it's time to hang up the mic?

You can check out the full interview from S1 on his twitter below.

I think just as exciting as the news that Eminem is recording, is that S1 has been working with J Cole on his upcoming album.

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