Eminem set the record straight on who he thinks is the greatest song writer of all time in Hip Hop.

During his special segment 'Music to Be Quarantined By' Eminem revealed his admiration for Tupac's writing ability. Em hosted the segment on Shade45 where he played some of his favorite tracks, and talked in depth about the music. Eminem was about to play Pac's 'If I Die 2Nite' when he talked about what made Pac such a great writer.

Em talked about Pac's use of alliteration and wordplay, but pointed out something that many music fans may have overlooked. Em proposed that when Pac would say, "Can Ya Feel Me?" that he wasn't just filling a gap, he was using the question to point out the complexity he had in the song. Em went on to say that you don't just listen to Pac, you actually feel his music.

This isn't the first time Em has listed Pac in his list of all time greatest rappers though, as you may remember the lyric from 'Till I Collapse'. Em doesn't give a specific order to the greats, but Pac is in the top three.

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I don't think anyone would argue with Tupac being at or near the top of Hip Hop's greatest, but the song writer distinction is important. Being a great artist and a great song writer are two very different things. To me, that's one of the biggest shifts in Hip Hop lately. Artists have gone from focusing on lyrical content, to focusing on outward presentation. The art of writing has been lost, and there are only a few left in Hip Hop today that are carrying on the torch.


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