Eminem hit a lot of nerves when he dropped 'Kamikaze' so he sat down with Sway to talk about his motivation for the album.

The interview starts off with a surprise role reversal for Sway. Eminem had dug out an original album that Sway had done years ago, and asked him to autograph it for him.

Eminem explains why he didn't pre-promote the album to Sway saying that if people have time to build their own ideas of what it should sound like. Instead if they just hear it, they can judge the music without having preconceived ideas.

When Sway and Em started to talk about criticisms that people put out there, Em even went back to his older albums and addressed legit mistakes he made.

If you're looking to find out how Em feels about Joe Budden, MGK and others you'll have to wait for part two of the interview to drop this week.

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