MGK did the unthinkable on stage Thursday night when he continued to diss Eminem in Michigan.

Now let's be clear, he was in Grand Rapids. There is zero chance that MGK would even be allowed to step onto a stage in Detroit right now.

MGK was opening up for Fall Out Boy at a show Thursday night in Grand Rapids when he stopped down to talk about Eminem. He told the crowd,

This is not a battle between Michigan and Ohio. This is a battle between the past and the mother f#$#in future!

I can only assume that he is referring to himself as the future.

MGK went on to perform his Eminem diss track, 'Rap Devil.' Check out some of the video below of last nights concert.

Most everyone agreed that Em was going to destroy MGK after he dropped 'Rap Devil' but after this?! 

This is most likely not going to end well for MGK.

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