Eminem offered up an interesting rule change for the Alliance of American Football after watching a game.

The AAF is in the middle of their inaugural season, and things have been going about as good as could be expected. The rules are basically the same, but some of the differences keep things interesting for football fans.

Eminem watched a game recently between the Birmningham Iron and Memphis Express, and threw out a new rule of his own.

I doubt Em will get his fighting request, but I think the chances of an AAF team landing in Detroit are very good.

I wrote about how good of a fit it would be when the season started, and with names like Eminem suggesting it now, it definitely carries a little more weight.

The real sign telling if the AAF will become an actual league is what happens next year. People will watch the first year out of curiosity, but they will only come back if the league captured their interest.

Have you watched any AAF games yet? Do you think there will be a second season?

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