Eminem reigned supreme over the music industry, selling more albums than anyone in 2018.

Who would have thought that in the same year that Eminem turned 46 he would still be dominating the music industry? That's exactly what happened in 2018 with Em selling 150,000 more albums than the closest competitor.

According to BuzzAngle Eminem sold 755,027 albums in 2018 which dwarfed BTS in second place with 603,307 albums sold.

Just to be clear here, this is overall album sales, not just albums released in 2018. Kamikaze did very well in 2018, coming in fourth for the year, but when it was combined with the Eminem library the numbers are crazy. Combine that with the buzz Em created by releasing his new movie 'Bodied' and it's easy to see how he maintained his stranglehold.




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