This year we've seen some pretty dope challenges online. Whether it was hitting the Uzi shoulder, holding a stack of books instead of money, or impersonating Bow Wow's extravagant lifestyle, tuning into your social media channels for laughs and views has become the norm. Which brings us to our next internet moment, the lewdly-titled "For the Dick" challenge.

If you're not aware, a New Orleans woman by the name of GameOva REEDY released a raunchy track titled "Freestyle" earlier this year, and since, the salacious club banger has gone pretty viral, with one girl making a viral video in the car freestyling about all the things she'll do "for the dick." Thousands have hopped on social media with their own version of "Freestyle" since, informing their followers what they'd do for the D or the P. Nicki Minaj is even ready to get in on the fun.

Yesterday (Sept. 24), both Erykah Badu and comedian Michael Blackson uploaded a video showing the two of them comically battling one another using REEDY's "Freestyle" flow. Ms. Fat Belly Bella kicked things off, letting the world know she'd do a little more than we could've imagined to further her relations with a man, including going back to eating meat—no pun intended. "Fight Hurricane Maria for the dick, rob a missile from Korea for the dick," she raps in the video. "Buck a bitch in the head for the dick. Fuck woke, I'm dead for the dick."

"Cheat on my wife, Kevin Hart for the pussy," spits Blackson, who is no stranger to doing a social media challenge, before going into lines a little too obscene to write here. Hopefully he's not too serious about any of them, either.

Take a look at Badu and Blackson's hilarious take on "Freestyle" below and peep the original as well.

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