Summer in Michigan means more cars on the road, and the Michigan State Police are also increasing their patrols.

The MSP will often announce special programs or initiatives that they will run in certain parts of the state. Most of the time the special programs will focus on one specific violation, like distracted driving, or seat belts. This increase in patrols is not one of those special programs.

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According to the MSP, the increased patrols on the roads is only to match the increased number of people traveling this summer.

I would guess that if the MSP were going to call this anything out of the ordinary, it would be called the Common Sense program. It seems pretty straight forward, but it is important to remember if you are planning a Michigan road trip.

We all know that the speed limit on most of the major expressways in Michigan is usually more of a suggestion than anything. I think for the rest of the summer, we should all probably take the speed limit a little more literal.

I've taken a few trips to Northern Michigan so far this summer, and I can say that the police presence has definitely increased. Normally I take I-75 all the way north, but I've also been to the east side of the state and Traverse this year. During each of the trips we all noticed the increased numbers of MSP cars on the road.

The increased patrols won't mean anything significant for you if you remember to drive safely and put the phone down while driving.


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