A Facebook post is going viral and is warning everyone to be on the lookout for possible human trafficking in the Northern Michigan area.

Thanks to social media, stranger danger cases are being posted and shared all over the country warning parents to constantly be on watch. The most recent potiental human trafficking tactic was posted on social media by Jacob Courtad who lives in Traverse City, MI and noticed a suspicious man walking around his wife 5-6 times. He then sat 6 tables away all while talking on his cell phone and smiling...

GTM Facebook

Now sure, it might just be a random incident that was taken as a potential sex trafficking tactic, but it seems every week another Facebook post goes viral warning residents to be on the look out for stranger dangers or possible human traffickers. In my opinion I'd rather be notified of these types of incidents happening in my community then just think it is normal activity.It is also troubling that something like this wasn't reported to the police. Security guards watching the man is one thing, but cops should of been called to the mall to investigate further.

Although its great to see the public be on the lookout, its also terrifying to know at any given moment you or your child could be abducted.


The Grand Traverse Mall posted a reply to the story that several media outlets have reported.  The good news is that they are taking any threats very seriously, although they are claiming that the story that has been circulating on social media is false.  The mall definitely has the safety of all customers and employees at the top of their priority list.  You can see their reply below.

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