The Pictured Rocks on Michigan's Upper Peninsula are a huge tourist attraction, but a few kayakers got a closer look than they anticipated.

The footage was captured randomly by a guy named Jon Smithers, as he flew his drone up and down the shoreline. The group of kayakers were roughly 50 feet away when the rocks started to fall from the cliff.

Luckily none of the people in the kayaks were hurt after the rocks fell.

I've been to the Pictured Rocks multiple times, and the guides are always quick to tell you that this is an ever changing landscape. The cliffs and formations were made through years of erosion, and that erosion is constantly happening. If you've ever taken the boat tour, you see huge slabs of rock that have fallen. The tour guides are always quick to point out new rock formations that have fallen. With lake levels being at record highs, the erosion is working a little faster.

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