Watch this "overweight" guy dance it up for the jumbo screen at a recent 76'ers game. With the Sixers down 3-1 in their series against Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and the rest of the Miami Heat squad. This might be the only thing the fans have to cheer for!I think this is why the screen had to become JUMBO, so it could show this man dancing. Now for a big guy I must admit he had some pretty good moves. My only question is if he danced this hard daily and for a longer period of time, wouldn't he lose weight? In fact I take that back... I know he would lose weight! One of my favorite shows on TV is "Dance Your A** Off". It's a great show because you get to see overweight people dance (which at times is hilarious) then eventually lose a TON of weight and began to transforms their lives and their health. It's a great show... So much so that I'm going to show you some highlights from it. Big people, it's time to get motivated!

Here's a video of Adamme, last season's winner! Look at the difference in his weight before and during the show. I think this should serve as inspiration for us all. With a little hard work, dedication and discipline, we can do anything!