See a father make his son get in a street fight. And encourages him to "Knock the kid out"!

This is a disturbing thing to see. Now while I am a fan of a Father teaching his son to fight and not be a punk, I do think there is a way to go about it. I'm not sure that this is it. This father want his son to fight a kid who I guess he's gotten into it with prior to. Now the dad wants him to basically kill the kid and that's where it goes to far. He's screaming out "punch his eyes out", and "Knock him out" "Leave his head on the ground". Now I'm not sure if his dad is trying to get a contract with UFC or what but he's waaaay too into this. I don't like that they are glorifying MMA in the wrong way. Not to mention the kids start screaming Worldstar as if they're doing this for internet glory or fame. I don't like that at all because kids are going to kill themselves or really hurt themselves for 15 secs of fame.