The Rocks Rock n’ Roll Concert in Cleveland
As a long time wrestling fan I could never understand the term "Sports Entertainment'.
But these new wrestlers are the perfect blend of Sports and Entertainment.
One of the greatest wrestlers of all time 'The Rock' is the perfect example of this, as he is the face of the WWE.
Wrestling Accidents and Painful Moves
Even though I am not one of them, many people will say that wrestling isn't real.
While though some of the matches may be predetermined, the injuries and the blood aren't.
After watching WrestleMania 28 it made me think of some of the  injuries that weren't so fake.
Semi-Annual Coleslaw Wrestling Competition [Video]
A Florida bar is hosting it's semi-annual coleslaw wrestling competition. Among the activities are wet T-shirt contests, pudding wrestling, and... Coleslaw Wrestling.
It features babes in bikinis wrestling for a $500 grand prize. The competition typically draws 10 to 30 women and is run as a si…
Pistons’ Ben Wallace Talks Wrestling [Video]
Ben Wallace might be in the twilight of his career now, but in his prime he was one of the toughest guys in the NBA.
The former 'Defensive Player Of The Year' is also a wrestling encyclopedia, which actually shouldn't surprise you at all.
Mya Sings Happy Birthday To “The Rock” [Video]
R&B singer Mya sings Happy Birthday to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as he returned to WWE "RAW". Mya sounded really good and made me question why she fell off in the first place. The music industry must be a tough gig. But she looked good and sounded good …

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