A portion of the Somerset Collection in Troy had to be evacuated Monday (6/13) after a large fire broke out in the mall.

What Are the Details?

Firefighters were summoned to the mall late Monday afternoon after a fire broke out on the north side of the complex. Detroit's WDIV-TV reports that the fire originated in the kitchen of the Capital Grille, sending smoke throughout the ventilation system into the mall and through the roof. The plume of black smoke from the blaze could be seen for miles.

The TV station reports that about 60 to 70 firefighters arrived on the scene. Some ascended to the roof while others battled the fire from inside the mall. Dan Mahrle is a lieutenant with the Troy Fire Department.

“We believe that through the exhaust system of the kitchen, the fire got extended through the roof,” Mahrle says.

He goes on to say that the fire damage was contained to the north end of the mall.

“Once we figured out the situation, we were able to suppress it with our hose lines,” Mahrle said. “We were able to extend all the way through. We checked on each level of the mall to make sure we didn’t have extensions to any other portions. Luckily we didn’t have any fire damage to the other areas of the mall, but there was some water damage and smoke damage.”

The north side of the mall will reopen today but the Capital Grille will remain closed.



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