Some of your favorite Flint area restaurants got hit with some pretty nasty health violations. Just know that your gonna be very surprised. 


I've always had in the back of mind when I'm ordering my food at a  fast food restaurant is whether or not my food is clean.  And with this new report I can say NO!

My greatest fears have been realized! Now some of these are easy fixes, and I pray they fix them soon! But the one that I have listed below is a big one. Make sure to follow the link for the full list right here.



Priority item: A direct connection exists between the sewage system and the drain line from the ABS ice bin. The line is cut off but is down in the floor drain. Design the sewage system in a manner that would preclude a direct connection between the sewage system and the drain from which food/ice is placed. There is an air break but an air gap, the highest form of protection, is required. The gray hose-like drain line from the ABS ice bin must be completely up out of the floor drain by at least 1 inch (an air gap). This is to protect the ice in the event of a back-up.

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